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Hope is Powerful

Hope is a fundamental expression of knowing that life can change. Sometimes there is something we want or desire, or something we want to see happen or a change we want within us, but we find ourselves going around in circles. We start to make changes and things are going really well, but then we run back into that comfort zone or we return back into the habit and the changes that we realize the changes we were making were not sustainable, then we will circle right back around to where we were. When that happens enough times, that builds a pathway in our brain, it’s the way we do life, and we get so distraught. We can often feel stuck and feel like we can't do anything different and that we cant get beyond where we are. In order to have hope, it is to look beyond your current situation to what it is you want it to look like. Look beyond your behavior that keeps frustrating you and that makes you feel like a failure. Look beyond that. What is it that you want it to look like? You also need to look beyond the behavior of someone else. We can't change someone anyway, so we should not allow someone else's choices and behaviors to rob us of what we are going to choose to think, believe, feel and do. Hope is looking beyond. When we are stuck in our attitude, stuck in our misery, stuck in our current situation and we cant see it ever changing, that is when you most need change and the renewing of your mind and when you most need to look beyond what it is you are experiencing. Become aware that you get to choose how you are going to deal with a situation. We have a choice. Hope is when we can see beyond the current, to the desired.


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