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Never Discount The Seedling

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. I’m thankful for all the friends (new and old) who are joining me in this community of women desiring to move forward. I wanted to share some insight into the inspiration for Stability Within’s logo.

Stability Within’s logo is a sketch of an oak tree seedling. The thought first came one beautiful spring morning in 2019 while I was cleaning out my garden of raised beds. The combination of birds’ symphony, the sun’s rays glistening on the lake, the smell of rich dirt in the garden, and the air of early spring had my senses doing cartwheels. It was perfect for decompressing and filling my heart with gratitude.

My eye caught a glimpse of a weed. Instantly, I pulled it out of the ground and was astonished to find the root still intact and unbroken, despite the plant being tugged with

determination from above. Awed by the root’s length and intricacy, the meaning I gave to this weed changed dramatically. I came to see that it was not a weed, but a mighty oak tree. I was amazed to see that the root’s length was twice that of the above-ground sprout!

My mind suddenly flashed back to fond childhood memories that included huge oak trees. As a child, I welcomed its shade on a hot summer day, adored its colorful canvas in autumn, and even developed an appreciation for the dormant, leafless figures in winter. The sight of barren trees would trigger joyful anticipation for spring’s awakening of new life and energy, as though to say “all is well.”

But, this was my first time appreciating the young seedlings. Initially, it looked nothing like the tree I loved as a child. Yet, the fact remained, it was already an oak tree; a work in progress.

Let me encourage you to pause here if you will... take a deep breath... and perhaps allow yourself to marvel at the innate plan transforming a little acorn into a tree so tall and so strong. After a long period of growth, it has the capability to withstand the worst of passing storms. And if we were to fully grasp the slow, steady, purposeful progress performed in the silent underground that makes the oak tree’s thriving endurance possible, we might choose to do life differently.

In this particular season, things may feel messy and uncertain, especially as you think about the future. But, you are in the process of becoming. Now is the time to cultivate more opportunity for growth into who you’re meant to be, by practicing reflection, growing in curiosity, and asking yourself what it is you truly want. Mistakes are opportunities to learn. Let’s continue to grow our strong foundation together. And remember, an oak seedling is an oak tree, just in process.

God has a plan and a purpose for your life. Think “acorn.”

Be Well, Be Curious, Be YOU!

I love you, Friend



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