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Your Best Part of Life?

After receiving my cancer diagnosis in 2010, I adopted the outlook, "We always have a choice".

My choices in that season were made with the mindset, "I have the power to choose". This shift erased any thoughts of being a victim. It's the adage I still live by today.

You might be thinking, "What? We always have a choice, you say? You don't know my situation!"

It's true. I don't. And it may feel as though you have no choice. But look again.

You do hold the power to choose your outlook, your perspective, your decisions, Who you are being, what you're focusing on, how you use your time, what behaviors roll out based on your feelings and thoughts, and the impact you are choosing to have on others (whether good or not so good).

You have choices about the legacy you choose to create and the Life you choose to live.

Be encouraged!

If you are feeling stuck, ready for more, or feeling the passage of time taking its toll on your life,

again, be encouraged. The decision to stay where you are or to move past it, is yours to make.

I have clients who can attest to how life changed once they were ready to take ownership for their life. Feeling stuck, fearful, and wounded was replaced with freedom, peace, and joy.

The first step to transforming your life is acknowledging that you, too, have the choice to get clear on what you want and Who you are designed to be.

Living authentically means to embrace your gifts, talents, dreams, desires, natural abilities, and to use and enjoy them with purpose and impact. This, too, your choice!

Consider this: How would your life change if you start living your best life in the upcoming season? The holidays are upon us, a new year just around the corner. Ready to move forward? The potential is within you. It is possible.

This is where a coach can help.

Changing habits, mindsets, and behaviors is a result of discovering what's keeping you stuck, what's holding you back, and then to work through it gently, at a comfortable pace, with someone who has a heart for building capacity in women with the necessary credentials, experience, and decades of training.

Dear One, You have the power to decide, to step into the choices which bring freedom, confidence, and the life you only dream of for now. It's out there, waiting for you to take that first step...

Ready? If so, this is your time, you're here by design. Let's connect.

You always have a choice. ❤️


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