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Happy Easter 2022

As we head into the Easter Weekend, may we each be reminded of the promise extended to us. Jesus gave His all that we might experience Heaven on earth in the here and now...not just in the distant future after our body gives out, but NOW. He changes our lives, even in the moments, when we learn more of Who our Father God is and Whose we are. Father God, King Jesus, and Holy Spirit are faithful to God's promises.

His grace cleanses us from our past mistakes, provides a clean slate and a refreshed spirit, and fills us with His Hope for what can be, Faith for what will be, and Joy throughout the process of moving forward in life in the direction of our deepest desires and dreams. Wow! That's a lot!

Your desires and dreams are hints for the way you were uniquely designed while still in your Mother's womb. I call it your "Designed Self". There's only ONE of YOU with your uniquely designed combination of skills, talents, strengths, dreams, and desires.

May we each receive all He has purposed for us and step into Who we are created to be, without the layers of protection which we built up through the decades of life. One layer at the time, we learn to feel safe with Who we are and to be confident that though we might stumble, our Father God catches us, carries us when necessary, and loves us always.

Take time this week to reflect on His design for You, to talk with Him, to see more of Him and more of who You are designed to be, and then to receive His love with a grateful heart.

Luke 1:37, "Nothing is impossible with God."

God's rich blessings, my dear Friend.

Love to you,

Mary G Nichols


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