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You control more than you might think

Life changes as we change! And change begins within. Stability Within promotes gaining clarity around our true identity and what we were created to do. I call it your "Designed Self". There's only ONE of YOU! You have something to contribute. A message to share. A voice to be heard.

September 22, 2022, begins the Autumn season. As hot temperatures grow cooler and trees release their foliage, what is it inside you that wants to change and what needs to be released?

The change in seasons prompts us to consider... "who am I being?", "what's going well?", and "what's causing friction or frustration?", "when will I begin doing what I know to do/want to do/tell myself I will do?"

I invite you to get curious about such things. I know I do with each new season! Your desired life changes will happen one step at a time. If you lack clarity about what you want, how to begin, and/or you want help to move forward, I can help you. A Life Coach can help you say YES to your deepest desires, to step out of your default behaviors, and to move in the direction of your dreams. Reach out, we'll chat. It can be your special day for taking your first step.

Ponder for a while...

In the Stability Within Community our goal is to live freely as ourself, to know we are cared for, to live with purpose, and to impact those around us for good. You landed here for a reason. I'm excited for you to be here. What do you want?

With love,



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