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It Is Not What You Do That Defines Who You Are

We do not create our identity by what we do. It is not who you are, it is just part of your life. God did not make us to be human-doings. We are human-beings. We are to be.

If it is not about what we do that defines who we are, then what is it? Who are you?

You are a precious, beloved daughter of Father God. God is you Abba Father. You can crawl up into His lap, He is always with you and He is only good. He surrounds us, He is our refuge and our strength, and He is always there extending His hand, guiding us through the toughest of storms (if we let Him). He gives us peace in the midst of the storm and shines the light in the darkness of the storm. He is the creator of who we are, and who we are will never change.


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