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Lasting Impressions Have a Ripple Effect

Let’s give thought to what we want to be said when our celebration of life comes and is planned by our family. What do we want to be said about us? What testimonies and tributes do we want them to say about us? This is not to pat ourselves on the back, but rather because those lasting impressions go forth with the family and feed out into the generations which makes it exponentially impactful in this world. It lives on and on. Just like a stone tossed into the water, and it has a ripple effect that continues to grow and grow in all directions. That is what our life is doing. Be inspired and really think about this. If you sat down today to write a message to your family to be read at your service, what would you say? What is it that you want them to know after you are gone? Does your life align with the lasting impression you want to leave when you are gone?

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