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Live By Faith, Not By Sight

Consider this. What if... what we see and think that we understand, is not what it seems? In the Spiritual realm, God's truth prevails.

Our Father God has so much planned for His children - you and I included, as His Beloved Daughters. His vision for each of us goes beyond what you or I can dream or imagine. 💕 So much better than our human minds can come up with.

His timing, His way, His direction, His Light. As He shines Light on your next step to lovingly guide you, it is up to you to respond immediately, to take that next step as it receives His Light. Our delay places us out of His perfect timing. When He nudges, inspires, whispers your name, or fills your heart with warmth, it your time to step into action, take the next step, say YES, get bold & curious, and move forward. He'll hold your hand. You'll be amazed.

At times, there will be intervals in our life where the Light remains on our current step much longer than we want. We're in the waiting pattern...ready for something to happen, yet the next step remains unlit.

If the Light stays put, we stay put, while leaning in to His Love, His presence, His faithfulness, and trusting Him. He is faithful. He is trustworthy. He's the One with the Plan.

Light is the key. God is a God of peace and order. Where there is chaos and disorder, turn away and seek His Light, His Life, His Love. Be reminded, His light drives out the darkness. His Life overcomes death, His Love crushes fear.

Light, Life, Love VS darkness, death, fear

Blessings, Empowered Daughters of God!

Mary Nichols

Stability Within


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Mary, you have always been and continue to be so inspiring! Thank you.

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Thank you! ❤️

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