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Welcome to Stability Within! I'm Mary Nichols. 

I LOVE what I do because it's aligned with my strengths, innate desires, and my need for deep and meaningful connections and conversation. Once YOU know how you're designed, life gets easier, and you begin to move forward! 

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Mary G. Nichols 

Certified Life & Health Coach

for Women


"Nothing is impossible with God."

Luke 1:37 

Our decisions today

determine our tomorrows.

What do you want for your tomorrows? 

- Mary Nichols -

Just so you know...

I've traveled the road many of you have or are experiencing now. Do you feel stuck, but want unsure how to move forward.. to do more, be more, have more?


 As a life coach for women, I am committed to walk along beside my clients, implement my training from four health coach certifications and four life coach certifications, draw from my past years of teaching and leadership experiences, and utilize my innate desire to grow capacity in others.  

My clients receive my daily prayers, thoughtful preparation, and impactful weekly one-hour sessions throughout their coaching program.   My customized coaching sessions have empowered women to heal from past hurts, break free from limiting beliefs, gain clarity about what they want, and get empowered to move toward their dream life!

Here's what you can expect from working with me...

*  Clarity around your Identity and Purpose

*  A life which impacts others in a positive way

*  Freedom from limiting beliefs and past hurts

*  The joy of living with an Empowered Mindset

*  Inner stability and ongoing confidence

* A vision and  plan for making your dreams a reality

*  A more productive, energizing, fun life!

If you're ready to make the rest of your life the best part of your life, and even if you're not sure, welcome!

Get curious, lean in, listen to your heart, and wonder...

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"Mary’s Total Transformation Program enabled me to understand and adopt a growth mindset instead of dwelling on limiting beliefs. As a result, I am breaking through self-inflicted ceilings and creating new norms. I no longer feel frustrated and so excited and thankful to be moving forward. Her coaching style and authenticity are refreshing and encouraging!"



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Mary Nichols

Transformational Life & Health Coach

for Women 

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